Most of our projects take place at our studio here in sunny Largo, Florida (Close to St. Pete & Tampa if you’re unfamiliar with the area). However we can also be found squeezing into a tight restaurant kitchen or shooting in beautiful restaurants and studios across the country! Our studio has plenty of natural light, a cozy lounge, large kitchen, open shooting space and a curated collection of props and surfaces that are perfect for food & product photography projects. Oh, also, you can rent it for your production!


Nice to meet ya! We (Meagan & Aaron) are the team behind Nutmeg Imageworks. Somehow we don’t actually have any pictures of us together on set, but we’re a pretty good duo. I [Meagan] run the camera and creative process, while Aaron handles much of the editing and anything we need on set. Together we create clean, modern food & product photography for a range of commercial clients.

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Nutmeg Imageworks – Food & Product Photography – Commercial Photography – St. Pete/Tampa/Florida/Travel

Did I Mention that we shoot food & product commercial photography? Specifically in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida which includes Tampa & St. Pete. Just making sure you’re aware, definitely not amping up our SEO with this super necessary reminder.