About Nutmeg

NUTMEG IMAGEWORKS – Food & Product Photography

Nutmeg Imageworks started in 2012 with a vision of clean, organic food photography. Since then, we’ve expanded a bit to include more than just food, and more creative styles of shooting. But we still strive to create images that are clean, beautiful, and unique to each client’s aesthetic. Some days it’s just Meagan with 1 camera in a small restaurant kitchen, other days it’s a large studio production with a bigger team. We’re happy to create whatever level of production our clients need! For more info on our style or process, email us through the contact page. We’re always happy to chat!


I [Meagan] started my photography career, as many do, with landscapes. We lived near the mountains of Virginia and went hiking often. Through some twists and turns in my career path, I found myself as an assistant to a very talented commercial photographer in Newport News. Taking what I learned on the job and my love of baking, I started dabbling with food photography. Well, the rest is your classic start a business tale, but I’ve loved every second of it! Although the photography started as my passion, Aaron has been my partner in growing the business from day one. He’s not always on set, but he’s always working to keep us going! When he is on set, he’s a wonderful assistant…or whatever job the production needs! He keeps the day running smooth and keeps me from falling off my precariously perched apple box!

A few of our clients…